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Orthopedic Supply INC understands the importance of offering a diverse selection of diabetic shoes in Philadelphia, PA. We know how uncomfortable, inhibiting, and painful poorly fitting shoes can be, especially for those living with diabetes. We place great importance on foot comfort and health.

We have a pedorthist on staff who works alongside every customer interested in purchasing a pair or two. Shoe construction is the key to overall comfort, longevity, and economy. We sell only the highest quality shoes manufactured by companies that have reputations for excellence in producing an excellent mobile product. Many customers buy our shoes even though diabetes does not exist. Our shoes are that practical and comfortable.

Our professionals customize every experience to ensure customers receive a shoe that fits the individual's foot structure. We take measurements, discuss preferences, show options available, and discuss needs with medical care providers if needed. Good fitting shoes are the key factor in reducing foot pain. We do our best to find the ideal solution.

Buying a perfectly matched pair of diabetic shoes helps lower the risks of developing a foot injury. Poorly fitted shoes can cause a misalignment of ankle and foot bones. This can easily lead to pinched nerves and increased pain when walking. It can cause callouses, blisters, and other mishaps that may lead to infections. Talk with our trained experts for more insight; we have a passion about promoting proper foot care health.

Save money, time, and frustration looking for diabetic shoes in the Philadelphia, PA area by relying on the seasoned professionals at Orthopedic Supply INC. We know the importance of proper foot care in the life of a diabetic or any other person. Schedule a consultation with one of our team members today.

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