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Companies and individuals needing reputable DME supplies in Philadelphia, PA rely on the selection offered by Orthopedic Supply INC. We have a variety of rehabilitative and orthodontic products available on-site and via catalog orders. Rest assured that every item is a quality product. Our reputation depends on it!

We have something for any type of orthopedic condition. Many customers turn to us for wheelchair needs. We carry both manual and motorized versions ranging from the most basic to the most elite level. Many options and accessories are available to make usage as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

People turn to our place for finding the perfect product for a deformity correction. We have many braces and other DME items available that can be specially fitted to any customer. Our experts regularly work with medical care providers to make certain the equipment suits the required need.

DME supplies are regularly covered under health insurance policies. We employ a team of trained professionals who understand how to deal with this complex, demanding industry. We know the terminology, the claims process, and all intricacies involved. We always place our customer situations first and receive positive results in return. Customers love how we handle all of the detailed paperwork and communications involved.

There are so many products classified as DME supplies that we recommend interested parties in the Philadelphia, PA area pay a visit to Orthopedic Supply INC to receive more information. Do it while on the way home to save time, and get on the path toward better health.

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